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New York’s Pulse 87 to Remain on Air

Mega's 'Franken FM' to return donations

Mega Media’s Pulse 87 in New York has stopped asking for donations, saying it has a reprieve from some of its creditors and more time to try to raise money “through more conventional means” to stay on the air.

On its Web site, WNYZ(LP), which airs a dance format on the aural carrier of Channel 6 at 87.7 MHz, said response to a recent request for donations was “nothing short of remarkable.”

As RW has reported, observers have dubbed such low-power television stations operating on the aural carriers at the very low end of the FM dial as “Franken FMs” because the broadcasters have found an unanticipated, apparently legal way to use that bandwidth.

Denying that its request for money was a “desperate publicity stunt,” Mega states: “This was really going to be the end.” It pledges to raise money to keep its dance music free to listeners and return donations. The station did not say how many donations it received nor the total amount.