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LeGeyt Highlights Broadcasters’ Local Mission

The new NAB president and CEO's first blog post in that role takes aim at the threat of "Big Tech" to local broadcasters

Curtis LeGeyt
Curtis LeGeyt (Photo by Jay Mallin)

In his first blog post as NAB president and CEO, Curtis LeGeyt put the mission of local broadcasting front and center.

“As I step into the role as president and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters, I will strongly advocate on behalf of America’s broadcasters and help fulfill their mission of providing trusted local journalism that keeps our communities safe, informed and connected,” he wrote on the NAB Blog.

LeGeyt noted that he has spent a decade at NAB, advocating for policies that benefit free, local broadcasting and the journalism that local broadcasters provide especially during times of crisis, natural disasters, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

While promising to continue to engage with Congress and the FCC on the vital local impact of broadcasters, LeGeyt also warned of the need for legislative action around “Big Tech” and the threat social media platforms pose as information gatekeepers.

“Broadcasters need a level playing field both to fairly compete for audience and advertising dollars with these tech behemoths, and to ensure we are fairly compensated when our locally focused content is accessed through their platforms,” LeGeyt wrote.

[Visit the NAB Blog to read the full post.]

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