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NMPA, Spotify to Identify and Compensate Select Owners

New process will help ensure prompt payment of royalties for orphaned works

National Music Publishers’ Association announced an agreement which will enable publishers to claim and receive royalties for certain compositions used on Spotify in the United States where ownership information was previously unknown.

The deal simplifies the process of identifying and compensating writers for their work and establishes a better database for future payments. The deal will allow copyright owners to identify their works and receive the money Spotify has set aside for unmatched works. It will also fill in the gaps in ownership information, helping to ensure that royalties are promptly paid to their owners.

Also, note that royalties associated with works that remain unmatched after each claiming period will be distributed to publishers and songwriters who participate in the settlement, but will not affect the royalties owed to those who does not participate.

“As we have said many times, we have always been committed to paying songwriters and publishers every penny,” said Spotify Global Head of Communications and Public Policy Jonathan Prince. He added “We look forward to further collaboration with them as we build a comprehensive publishing administration system.”