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NRB Launches ‘Milton Project’

Group is concerned over censorship on new media platforms

Worried about what it views as threats of anti-Christian censorship on new media platforms, the National Religious Broadcasters has launched an effort to monitor the situation.

It dubbed this the “John Milton Project for Religious Free Speech,” which will be run through the office of NRB’s general counsel.

Writing about the project in a newsletter, NRB Senior VP and General Counsel Craig Parshall said the project results from recent decisions and practices in both the private and governmental sectors. It is named for the author of “Paradise Lost.”

“Here at NRB, we intend to fight for the freedom of Christian communicators to communicate the Gospel of Christ on every media platform known to man,” Parshall wrote.

“It is a battle no less momentous than the struggle over the freedom of the printing press. … Our prayer and our mission is that every eye, and every ear, through every form of electronic and digital media, will have access to the Word of God.”

He said NRB was launched in 1944 in part “to oppose the forces of subtle bureaucratic tyranny that had all but squeezed Christian, Gospel-oriented content off the broadcast airwaves in the preceding years.”