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NRSC Looking at HD-R and Data Standards

NRSC Looking at HD-R and Data Standards

Engineers attending the National Radio Systems Committee meeting in Las Vegas have put together new goals since they’ve now shifted their focus from system testing for IBOC to standards-setting.
They’re beginning the standard-setting process with Ibiquity’s FM system, because they have all of that data.
Ibiquity has completed much of its AM nighttime testing and is preparing a report analyzing the results, which it hopes to deliver to the FCC and an ad-hoc committee of the NRSC by the end of February, so said Ibiquity General Counsel Al Shuldiner in an interview with on the exhibit floor at CES.
NRSC members also are discussing the scope of whatever standards they develop for IBOC, whether they would be limited to RF issues or would also include receiver and data issues. Members are forming a subcommittee to design standards for an interface between Ibiquity’s system and data offerings, said NRSC DAB Subcommittee Chairman Milford Smith.
The next meeting is slated for early February.