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Obama Bucks Convention by Keeping E-Mail Access

Is it selfish of him?

Is it good or bad that new President Barack Obama gets to keep a smartphone? He famously said that administrators would have to “pry it from my hands” after becoming inaugurated.

We reported last week he will in fact get a souped-up secure version of a smartphone.

Rumored to be a Sectera Edge, the device can switch from an ordinary PDA to a secure communications device at the touch of a button and its screen turns red when used in classified mode to signal that it can communicate only with similar handsets.

The president wanted to keep his BlackBerry to be able to maintain some private e-mail from close friends in Chicago and elsewhere. He’ll be the first sitting president to maintain regular e-mail activity.

Yet at least one Penn State English major suggests it’s selfish and potentially distracting for him to keep the device.

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