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Ondas Media Initiates OEM Integration Contracts

In addition, Dave Krueger was recently promoted to the position of chief executive officer of Ondas Media.

Ondas Media S.A. has issued integration contracts to its technology partners Delphi, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Certicom to begin integration activities of its satellite radio system in Nissan vehicles in Europe.

Hardware provider Delphi and Fraunhofer, which is responsible for the core RF and waveform, were contracted to ensure Ondas Media’s satellite radio and media system matches the detailed specifications from the OEMs for installation in production vehicles.

“Depending on the OEM’s specific internal schedule, these contracts will assure Ondas Media’s delivery of factory-installed radios in millions of cars sold in Europe in the 2011 and 2012 time frame,” said Christoph With, CFO of Ondas Media. “We are very appreciative of our initial OEM customers taking the initiative to commit to installing their Ondas-enabled radios into their vehicles this far in advance. Definitive commitments like these are unprecedented in the satellite radio industry in terms of timing and scope.”

In addition, Dave Krueger was recently promoted to the position of chief executive officer of Ondas Media, replacing Jacinto Palacios, who will remain at the company in a consulting capacity.

“Jacinto Palacios has been instrumental in advising the company on executive matters especially in Spain for much of the last two years,” said Krueger. “And now it’s time to focus the company on implementing agreements with our automotive and media partners and with the infrastructure companies as we move into our operational execution phase.”

Krueger was previously COO for Ondas Media; he was responsible for securing Ondas Media’s commercial volume agreement to install satellite radio receivers in Nissan and Infiniti vehicles across Europe as well as agreements with other European automobile manufacturers.

Through its state-of-the-art digital satellite transmission network, Ondas plans to broadcast multilingual radio, music, video and data services directly to European consumers in their automobiles, trucks, homes, offices and to mobile and portable devices.

The company is targeting 2011 for launch of its pan-Europe, subscription-based services.