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Orban/CRL Buys German Company

Orban/CRL Buys German Company

Orban/Circuit Research Labs has picked up the assets of German firm Dialog4 System Engineering.
Dialog4 is a supplier of ISO/MPEG, audio, ISDN, satellite transmission, networking and storage. Its products, available in Europe since 1993, include the MusicTaxi codec family for encoding and decoding audio and data over TCP/IP on the Internet, ISDN and satellite.
CRL Systems purchased the Dialog4 assets for $2 million, consisting of 1.25 million shares of Orban/CRL common stock valued at $1 per share and $750,000 in cash to be paid later. Operations and staff of Dialog4 are being retained in Germany.
The companies recently have been involved in a project to bring Dialog4 products to North America with the development of the Orban Opticodec and Sountainer MP3 products.
Berthold Burkhardtsmaier, Dialog4 Managing Director, becomes VP of European Operations for Orban/CRL and was appointed to its board. Ludwigsburg, Germany, will become the European headquarters for the combined companies.