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Paragon Blog — Radio Doesn’t Care About Millennials

Post criticizes radio industry’s lack of response “to the wants and needs of younger listeners”

Reflecting on a 2006 National Association of Broadcasters study looking into the listening trends of millennial radio listeners and ways content providers could attract more of them, a new Paragon blog post, “‘Millennials’ 10 Years Later: Radio Still Doesn’t Care,” has concluded the industry has since made a “shocking lack of response” to what that demographic wanted to hear.

The NAB study at the time simply found how the millennial demographic was listening to audio and Paragon, working off the NAB findings, published recommendations for the industry to follow. Major findings and recommendations like “radio is a default medium based heavily on convenience and with other convenient forms of media appearing content providers need to do more to go beyond the convenience factor,” and “new formats, fresh and mold-breaking approaches required,” were among a list of others that the blog post says have not been addressed.

The post says millennials want “a heavy new music exposure, more titles, more daring and less repetition” and that “they know most new music radio stations only play a small number of songs over and over.”