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Powell to WorldCom: Don’t Leave Customers High and Dry

Powell to WorldCom: Don't Leave Customers High and Dry

FCC Chairman Michael Powell wants to assure the public that the commission does not believe WorldCom’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing will lead to an immediate disruption of service to consumers nor threaten the operation of WorldCom’s Internet backbone facilities.
“It is my understanding that WorldCom has obtained funding necessary to continue operations during the pendency of its bankruptcy proceeding,” said Powell in a statement.
In a letter to WorldCom President/CEO John Sidgmore, Powell stated, “Because of WorldCom’s size and scope, it is particularly important, both to millions of consumers and to the integrity of the nation’s communications network, that WorldCom integrate its regulatory requirements into its planning during the bankruptcy process, and that it take these requirements seriously.”
Powell stated the FCC would act to protect the integrity of the telecommunications network and protect consumers against any abrupt termination of service.