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Premiere: Survey Shows Support for Limbaugh

Premiere: Survey Shows Support for Limbaugh

Premiere Radio Networks wants you to know: Rush fans still believe in Rush.
The syndicator issued a press release this week quoting a survey conducted for Critical Mass Media by Burke Inc. It said that, for a second week in a row, 90 percent of listeners to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show said his drug dependency has not diminished their regard for him.
Ninety-two percent of respondents believed that when Limbaugh is free to do so, he will give details about his problems open and honestly, the survey found.
“A majority of Limbaugh’s listeners are even more likely to support local and national advertisers in the program during this difficult time,” the statement reads. “In fact, two out of three people who listen to at least 10 hours each week expressed this sentiment.”