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PRI Data Consortium Proposes Initial HD-R Data Specs

PRI Data Consortium Proposes Initial HD-R Data Specs

“It’s cool. It’s hot. It’s difficult. It’s time.”
Public stations with ideas about PSD, take note.
A Public Radio International consortium — developing voluntary standards for public stations for their Program Service Data streamed with their HD Radio signals — seeks input from pubcasters.
The group is funded by CPB and also includes WGBH, WBEZ, KUVO, PRX, and NCAM. It has received input from stations, producers, automation system developers, Ibiquity and other interested parties, according to Project Manager Tim Halle.
The group is trying to make using the dynamic text display on HD-R receivers easy for stations, and go beyond artist/title or other program information. An implementation scenario for other PSD applications such as station promotions, fundraising messages or forward promos has been proposed, as have suggested PSD field descriptions.
“In order for PSD text to be distributed consistently throughout the system ‘food chain,’ we need agreement on what text is needed and what format should contain it,” Halle said. “This document is designed to begin the conversation and to serve as the basis of our working model for PSD deployment.”
Stations can see and comment on the proposals online.