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Prism Renews SADiE’s Licenses With Audio Cleaning Company

Company can resume sales of CEDAR for SADiE.

Prism Sound reached a license agreement with CEDAR Audio and now can restart sales of the CEDAR system for its SADiE processes.

As reported earlier, Prism recently acquired the business and intellectual property rights of SADiE.

The agreement was signed by CEDAR Audio’s Gordon Reid and Prism Sound’s Graham Boswell. They said it “will ensure that CEDAR for SADiE users continue to have access to the processes and to software support from both manufacturers.”

Sales had been halted due to the business troubles of SADiE’s former owner, Studio Audio and Video.

CEDAR for SADiE is a suite of processes for cleaning audio. The earlier licenses for CEDAR for SADiE lapsed when an administrator was appointed.

Boswell said the CEDAR/Prism relationship dates to the early 1980s.