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Product Seminar in Jakarta for Studer

Broadcast professionals learn the ins and outs of the OnAir line

More than 70 Indonesian broadcast professionals recently attended a product seminar organized by Harman Studer’s Indonesian distributor PT. Kinarya Swarna Indonesia.

Held at the Sari Pan Pacific Hotel Jakarta on April 25, the meeting showcased the Studer OnAir console range with a focus on the new Studer OnAir 1500 mixing console, in addition to the Studer OnAir 2500 mixing console.

Studer Regional Sales Director Keith Prestidge and Sales Engineer Yee Tat Nam presented a technical overview of all Studer products. Digital radio system design was also covered says the firm with discussions covering audio networking and studio workflow and control connectivity.

“Modern radio control surfaces [mixing consoles] need to be highly ergonomic in design,” said Yee Tat Nam. “They also need the control connectivity to talk to other equipment in a way that ultimately makes it easier for the on-air talent to perform without errors. Control surfaces, however, still must have access to all the sophisticated features as required. Studer has invested a lot of effort into the surface design to get both these aspects right,” he said.

Studer, and PT. Kinarya, boast Indonesian installs at stations including the RRI network, Woman Radio and Elshinta Radio.