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Audacy Launches Addressable Audience Platform

ADAN builds off the company’s streaming and podcasting assets

Expect to hear a lot more from Audacy about selling to “addressable” audiences.

The company has launched the Audacy Digital Audience Network, describing it as “an addressable aggregate of over 60 million listeners that other audio platforms and streaming platforms do not reach.”

Audacy local and national salespeople can use it when working with agencies and clients.

Chief Revenue Officer Brian Benedik said in the announcement, “The marketplace has moved to audience-based investment and our new ADAN offering is highly scaled with unduplicated digital listeners. We can target these audiences with precision and optimize campaign performance for better marketer outcomes.”

Audacy believes it reaches 200 million people every month and that 30% of them can be found on ADAN through streaming, on the Audacy app and on its podcasts. It says these audiences are more affluent, more likely to be college educated and more diverse than others.

“Through this high-performing audience solution, ADAN can target precise audiences at scale and deliver high-performing digital audio media strategies for Audacy’s advertising partners.”