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iHeart Will Use Voice Cloning to Amplify Podcasts

Company deploys Veritone synthetic voice technology

iHeartMedia plans to use cloned voices to translate and produce podcasts, hoping to reach new markets.

It announced this week that it will use technology from AI software company Veritone for this purpose.

“iHeartMedia will leverage Veritone’s AI platform to make more shows across the iHeartPodcast Network available in multiple languages, helping to expand their podcast market,” they said in the announcement. “The first use case is to translate iHeart’s marquee podcasts for Spanish-speaking audiences.”

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They quoted Veritone President Ryan Steelberg saying, “iHeartMedia will not only be able to scale to new markets with localized language translations but retain the brand value of their top talent’s voice, which is fundamental in podcasting. We are also partnering to develop synthetic voices for advertising and engaging content while reducing time-to-market and production costs for radio, podcasting and the metaverse.”

The companies said iHeart voice talent will be able to authorize Veritone’s synthetic voice solution to produce more podcasts, ads and additional audio in multiple languages “with the same energy, cadence and uniqueness of top talent.”

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