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Veritone Ramps Up Synthetic Voices

New “Voice as a Service” offering is called

Veritone, artificial intelligence,, synthetic voiceVeritone wants you to think of synthetic voices as being available on demand — “Voice as a Service” — and it recently launched a product to that end called Veritone

The company considers synthetic voice to be “a disruptive technology” and said it will wants to participate in developing best practices for synthetic content.

It said its new system enables users to “create, manage, license and monetize” synthetic voices.

“Veritone supports both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech processes and offers the first complete, end-to-end suite of voice capabilities and features –– including creation and usage; management; production workflows; licensing, compliance and clearance; and monetization,” the company said in a release.

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Here’s more of how the company is pitching it:

“In an increasingly digital world, brands and media companies are struggling to produce content at the rapid rate consumers have come to expect, due to constraints related to talent, production, personalization and licensing. Veritone bridges this content gap, allowing brands and media companies to expand and streamline advertising and content production to connect and keep customers engaged, while also finding new revenue opportunities, reducing time-to-market, and easily managing compliance and clearance for synthetic voice content.”

It said users can create and personalize voices to” different tones, dialects, accents and languages,” so “celebrities, influencers and athletes can amplify their own unique synthetic voice … then manage, license and monetize” it.

It’s built around Veritone’s aiWARE operating system and artificial intelligence technology.