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New Public Campaign Aims to Bring Music Back Safely

Campaign to offer spots to radio stations looking to encourage safe return to live music performances

Bring Back the Music, KERA, KKXTAddressing COVID-19 misinformation has been a priority for public radio, and two Dallas stations are continuing that role with a new campaign called “Bring The Music Back,” as part of Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s larger misinformation initiative.

Over a series of several weeks, radio station KKXT(FM) and TV station KERA in Dallas will be running the “Bring the Music Back” campaign by sharing facts about vaccinations, COVID-19 and how audiences can best remain safe when they return to live music events.

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The campaign will feature first-person conversations in 20– to 30–second radio spots with local and national musicians who are discussing how the pandemic has affected their industry, the importance of wearing masks and good safety practices.

Spots available for stations to use, which can be found here, include social media videos, an explainer video, marketing materials and clean broadcast spots. The stations are operated by KERA, a nonprofit organization that operates one of the few noncommercial radio stations in North Texas, with the bulk of the radio station’s lineup produced and programmed locally.