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Promo Only MPE Adds ‘Linear HD Audio’ Support

Promo Only MPE Adds 'Linear HD Audio' Support

Promo Only MPE said it launched version 2.0 of its digital distribution system.
Upgrades include iPod support, music video delivery capabilities and linear HD audio support.
“The Promo Only MPE System is the first of its kind to seamlessly integrate the iPod,” the company claimed. Users can export AAC files directly from their Promo Only MPE player into iTunes. Files can be encoded at a bit-rate ranging from 128 to 320. The new version also imports supporting graphics and song information to iTunes, which can then be downloaded to an iPod.
Users now also can watch previews of music videos through the system, which supports Windows Media, QuickTime and RealVideo files.
“Promo Only MPE 2.0 also supports the full delivery of linear HD audio of every track distributed through the system,” it stated. “The new linear HD format was designed specifically for the needs of satellite providers (XM, Sirius) and the hundreds of future HD radio stations.”