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Prophet Adds MusicGen Pro

Prophet Adds MusicGen Pro

Prophet Systems Innovations said it is offering MusicGen Pro for radio station broadcasting, billing it as an upgraded version of its MusicGen music scheduling system.
It integrates to a station’s digital automation, enabling creation of music rotations, and is compatible with most automation systems.
MusicGen Pro offers enhancements in print, import and export options; rules for multiplay scheduling for theme and list events; creating individualized custom coding and rules; and the user interface, the supplier said.
The hourly stacking method uses a different stack for each hour of the day, so that when a song plays today at noon, it’s on the bottom of the stack on the next day at noon. The company this gives each song in the stack a chance to play before the song repeats in the hour.
Non-music programming, such as jingles, promos, liners, legal IDs and newscasts, is included with the core music scheduling software.
Additional highlights include an automatic software update feature; database conversion capabilities; customized reporting capabilities; and history reconciliation.
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