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Protestors Plan Counter-Events in Seattle

Protestors Plan Counter-Events in Seattle

Remember the LPFM protestors at the 2000 NAB Radio Show in San Francisco? They’re back, and they plan several events near the upcoming radio show in Seattle. The Cascadia Media Alliance is planning its own show Sept. 10-15 to feature teach-ins, rallies and alternative media coverage. The alliance is a coalition of independent journalists, media activists and community organizers in the Pacific Northwest, promoting press freedom and community media access as prerequisites for a functioning democracy.
“We believe that the centralized domination of the current media landscape by a handful of powerful business concerns fails to provide the diverse viewpoints, local accountability and easy access to high-quality information which are demanded by the public interest,” states the group in its mission statement.
The group’s slogan for this event is: “Don’t Let Them NAB Our Airwaves”. During the radio show, the group plans “to challenge corporate stewardship of public media resources”.