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Radio’s Place in the Dash Gains Edge Over Pandora

Kassof survey cites localism, availability and content as broadcast AM/FM strengths

Radio’s place in the dash is the medium’s biggest edge over Pandora now, according to new research from programming consultant Mark Kassof & Co.

However, Kassof warns that while 60% of Pandora listeners see advantages to traditional radio, the medium’s biggest advantage — in-car availability — will fade as automakers increasingly add Internet access. “That’s why it’s crucial for radio to deliver and promote its content advantages — variety, local information and personalities.”

But new research from Kassof, “Meeting the Pandora Challenge,” shows traditional AM and FM still has other advantages over the Internet audio service.

Pandora listeners were asked what about AM/FM makes it better than the Internet audio service. Thirteen percent cited radio’s availability in cars and trucks — more than any other response, according to the findings.

Radio’s variety of content came in second at 7%. The information traditional radio delivers and its localism came in at 6%.

Six percent also find radio more convenient and easier to use than Pandora and 5% indicated radio is available and accessible anywhere.

On the downside, 12% said “nothing” and 27% “didn’t know” what about traditional radio makes it better than Pandora.