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RadioSubmit Asks for Submission(s)

Music promotion and delivery site aimed at radio stations

A Web site is trying to bring artists and radio stations together for a mutually beneficial experience. Radio Submit promises to ease the interaction between artists and their promoters and radio stations in search of new material.

Radio Submit also points to cost savings for artists and record promoters by not having to send out hundreds of CDs to radio stations, many of which will ignore the mailings. It also invokes the “green” angle by noting that digital downloads eliminate waste generated by those mailings.

Radio stations may access and download music from the site for free once they register. Radio Submit claims upwards of 8,000 stations across the globe are subscribing.

Founder Robert Bartosh said: “Radio Submit was the first Web site to offer this type of new music delivery to radio stations around the globe in 2005. Other closed network services were available at the time but required radio and artists to use special software. Radio Submit was the first to deliver to any radio station that simply had an Internet connection without any software needed.”

Station downloads are MP3 (320 kbps) and songs include tagged title and artist info.

Radio Submit also offers radio stations and program syndicators the opportunity to upload segments of shows for syndication audition. That is also a free service.