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Internet-based traffic & billing system unifies CRC Broadcasting’s stations

The author is operations manager/program director for CRC Media West.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — I came into CRC Broadcasting to help train the traffic person and get things ready for the launch of our two new Palm Springs stations, KPSF(AM) and KXPS(AM). It immediately became clear that the traffic system at that time would not be able to handle the company’s three stations as well as we wanted. In shopping for new traffic software I looked for some key components: First, it must be cloud-based; second, it needed to be easy to learn with good tech support and, most importantly, be cost-effective.

When looking at different solutions many of them were simply more than we would ever use or a little too small-until I found The price was right and seemed to be the right fit for our needs. Turned out it was definitely the right choice.


With the company headquarters at KFNN(AM) in Phoenix, all the traffic was to be handled there for all three stations. With that in mind we he had to have a cloud-based solution. is extremely easy to install and can be setup on virtually any computer. A few concerns we had were data storage and lack of access to the Internet at the stations. The data storage is set up with so much server redundancy that not only do we feel secure with our data but we print 1/8 of the reports we use to knowing that we can easily access past invoices and reports. The Internet access issues were beyond’s control and we realized that under those circumstances our traffic director could simply manage the logs from home in a pinch.

The idea of integrating the two new stations into the system and training the Palm Springs staff seemed to be a daunting task. The thought of learning a new system and re-inputting all of the existing orders was not exciting to us. We worked very closely with the support team at, and in no time had everything converted and the staff trained. Had we signed-on a few years ago it would have taken a week to pull everything in, however because is always looking for ways to improve their system much of it was automated and took little effort. This continues to be the case, as Cory Smith (their Chief Geek) is always working on ways to improve the system based on both experience and the online forum, which a fantastic resource for users.

Price was one of the biggest selling points for us. When comparing to others with comparable features the others didn’t even come close. Not only that, the others offered more features than we would ever need. With we get the basics we need, plus have the ability to add on a package of features as we need them. For instance, at first we had no interest in sales staffers entering their own orders but now that we are running full force we’ve added that feature. And now Palm Springs AE’s can add their own orders.

Overall we are extremely happy with the decision to go with The flexibility, wonderful support, and constant advancement in the technology are fantastic. It is the perfect solution for stations of any size and I would highly recommend it.

For information, contact Dave Scott at in Texas at (866) 500-0500 or visit