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Ramsey: Calm Down, Radio Broadcasters

Consultant explains that car radios should be around for a while

Familiar radio consultant Mark Ramsey has put his two cents in on the debate as to whether the AM/FM radio is not long for the auto dashboard.

In “Radios Ripped From New Cars? ‘Not So Fast,’ Say Consumers,” Ramsay touts the results from an online poll he put together.

According to his findings, about 75% of respondees would notice if their new car lacked an AM/FM radio. Around 66% would be unhappy if the radio was missing, even if they could listen to tunes and talk in the car via a mobile device.

His takeaway: “You can climb down from the ceiling now, Mr. Broadcaster — it turns out new cars will feature FM/AM radios built-in for the foreseeable future.”

Of course Ramsey is assuming that carmakers will always follow what the consumer says they want rather than what the carmaker wants…