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Ravenna Signs Two More

WorldCast and chipmaker Archwave license audio over IP scheme

Broadcast equipment maker WorldCast Systems and chipmaker Archwave are the latest companies to license Ravenna, an audio over IP protocol.

WorldCast’s main interest for Ravenna is with its APT audio codec division. WorldCast CTO Nick Boulay explained, “Based on our market knowledge we believe that Ravenna has significant potential to become the audio standard not only for in-house audio distribution but also for transmitting audio over wide area networks.” He added, “Ravenna’s ability to provide multichannel audio on a single network connection combined with its real-time capabilities and inherent time synchronization is of great interest to us as a manufacturer of multichannel AoIP codecs.”

Archwave is a designer and maker of modules and chips used by professional and consumer electronics companies. It is working on Ravenna-specific circuitry for use in audio electronics.

Archwave CEO Arie van den Broek said, “For a long period, Archwave has been investigating for a powerful and proven audio over IP technology for porting to our ASIC-based platforms. After careful consideration we came to the conclusion that Ravenna’s foundation on open technologies, its strong user-base in the most demanding markets and its future vision, were the deciding factors for choosing a state-of-the-art technology platform.”