Red Raiders Salute Augsburger

Harman CEO takes engineering honors from Texas Tech
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Harman Professional CEO Blake Augsburger has been selected as a 2009 recipient of the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering Distinguished Engineer Award. The award is given to alumni of the engineering school at Texas Tech.

Augsburger joins four other alum from fields as diverse as oil exploration and construction as winners of the award in 2009.

Pamela Eilbeck, dean of the Whitacre College of Engineering said: "The Distinguished Engineer Award is an excellent opportunity for the Whitacre College of Engineering to recognize our exceptional alumni … These five individuals are members of an elite group that have coupled outstanding career success with significant contributions to society."


NABA Salutes Eddie Fritts

NABA cited Fritts’ role as a catalyst for the 1996 Telecommunications Act; his efforts to modernize and expand the NAB; passage of the 1992 Cable Act; passage of legislation that “rolled back an FCC low-power FM initiative;” elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, and passage of legislation allowing satellite companies to deliver local TV stations.