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Religious Pirate Busted

Religious Pirate Busted

The Rev. Yvon Louis appealed an earlier FCC fine of $10,000 for operating a station without a license. The agency has denied that appeal an say the fine stands.
The case began in July of 2001 when New York FCC agents noticed an unauthorized broadcast on 93.7 MHz and identified the transmission source as Calvary Tabernacle in Brooklyn.
Rev. Louis claimed the station adhered to Part 15 and did not exceed four watts. Field strength measurements showed the station exceeded the allowable limits by 2,479 and 3,391 on two occasions. Agents informed Rev. Louis the transmitter was listed as a Part 73 transmitter and required a station license.
Later, Rev. Louis asserted he exchanged the transmitter for a one-watt variety. Subsequent field measurements by field agents showed the unit still exceeded allowable limits and he was fined for unauthorized station operation on 93.7 MHz, 88.1 MHz and 90.1 MHz.
Rev. Louis denied his transmissions were illegal, or that transmissions detected outside the building were his. The FCC found no justification to reduce or cancel the fine and gave him 30 days to pay.