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Ruoss: We’re Not Dead Yet!

Head of Swiss HD Radio project says it is delayed

Markus Ruoss, Swiss Radio Sunshine owner and head of the HD Radio project in Switzerland, says reports that the project are “dead” are not accurate.

Ruoss says he was misquoted in earlier reports. Radio World carried such a report by the Swiss online media site

Ruoss told RW Thursday that the project is delayed, due to a licensing issue, not a technical one.

He said seven licenses to transmit an HD Radio signal were issued and some members were prepared to go on the air on Nov. 1 to commemorate the birthday of private radio stations in Switzerland.

“However, stations in Zurich and Bern were unable to commit due to ongoing economic and structural uncertainties in the Swiss broadcasting industry and the group decided that it would be advisable to wait until those markets could participate.”

In a statement, iBiquity Vice President, International Broadcasting Business Development Scott Stull said “We continue to grow acceptance for HD Radio Technology in many countries around the world. While the economic dynamics in certain Swiss markets will force delay, we look forward to revisiting the launch in Switzerland at the appropriate time.”