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Rush: It’s a ‘Fishing Expedition’

Rush: It’s a ‘Fishing Expedition’

Rush Limbaugh said on his show Thursday that prosecutors have seized medical records from four of his doctors, according to news reports.
Limbaugh denied wrongdoing. Reading a statement, he accused prosecutors of going on a “fishing expedition.” He said medical records will clear him.
Here’s the statement from Limbaugh’s attorney as it appears on Limbaugh’s Web site:

Roy Black, attorney for Rush Limbaugh, released the following statement today:
“We have been informed that this afternoon the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office will announce that it has seized the medical records of four doctors who treated Rush Limbaugh for serious medical conditions and the pain resulting from them.
“In fact, what these records show is that Mr. Limbaugh suffered extreme pain and had legitimate reasons for taking pain medication. Unfortunately, because of Mr. Limbaugh’s prominence and well-known political opinions, he is being subjected to an invasion of privacy no citizen of this republic should endure.
“Let us make our position clear: Rush Limbaugh is not part of a drug ring. He was never a target of a drug investigation. He became addicted to a prescription drug during legitimate medical treatment. He has publicly admitted this problem and has successfully sought treatment which continues today.
“We won’t speculate on why the State Attorney’s Office is handling Mr. Limbaugh’s case the way it is. But what should be a responsible investigation is looking more and more like a fishing expedition.”