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Ferncast Releases Aixtream 3.5

It enables files processing, docker containers and support of more APIs

Ferncast has released version 3.5 of its aixtream platform

“The new release offers a broad range of new features focusing on three areas: file playlist processing, deployment via Docker containers and support of more APIs, including MusicMaster,” according to the company, which is exhibiting at the IBC Show.

“While aixtream has originally been developed for 24/7 live applications, file processing in the audio world is becoming more and more important as consumers enjoy more on-demand content,” Ferncast said in the announcement.

“The new block of elements serves playlist handling, adding user-defined crossfades, cue in/outs as well as marker flags and integrated loudness measurements or changes. Aixtream can now transcode entire file libraries and schedule playout of the audio. These features are accompanied by support for two more APIs: MusicMaster scheduling software, QuantumCast MetaPort (CDN).”

Docker container support is now included, which Ferncast said will make aixtream easier to integrate into more workflows.

Version 3.5 also adds support for the SIREN encoder algorithm; delayed triggering of Smart Control Applet actions; binary data output via SRT; and improved bandwidth detection for HLS via Bandwidth and Average-Bandwidth tags.

IBC Stand: 8.F83 

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