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GatesAir to Show New Intraplex IP Link Codec

Its Intraplex arm will also introduce support for MicroMPX technology

GatesAir will show a new 1RU Intraplex IP Link hardware codec at IBC2023, along with two IP Link products introduced last year. It will also introduce support for MicroMPX technology in the three products. 

“The Intraplex IP Link 100n is a full-duplex, single stereo-channel codec for simultaneous reception and transmission of audio over IP streams in STL (studio-to-transmitter), STS (studio-to-studio) and other networking applications for radio and streaming services,” the company said.

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“Like the IP Link 100c and 100e, the IP Link 100n offers a modernized platform that allows GatesAir to integrates more features under the hood, including 10-bit audio processing for improved program audio quality, Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), and cloud-based monitoring of live streams. It is compatible with all existing IP Link codecs, including the IP Link MPXp codec for FM-MPX composite signal transport; and Intraplex Ascent, GatesAir’s bulk cloud-transport platform for enterprise applications.”

The new MicroMPX implementation enables bandwidth reduction for FM MPX signal transport over single-frequency networks. 

“MicroMPX is a third-party software library developed by Thimeo that helps FM broadcasters transport a full FM composite MPX signal at 320 kbps. When used within the IP Link 100c, 100e or 100n, customers will reduce bandwidth consumption by up to five times. This makes the combined solution ideal for reliable MPX transport over public internet connections and low-bandwidth distribution networks.”

GatesAir said its iteration of MicroMPX is differentiated from others by its integration with Intraplex SynchroCast and DSS technology. “SynchoCast3 provides a dynamic, scalable simulcasting solution for overlapping transmitters, helping broadcasters cover a broader geographic area with fewer frequencies. That makes SynchroCast’s integration with MicroMPX especially valuable for single-frequency networks that operate many transmitters on one FM frequency.”

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