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Exhibitor Preview: Yellowtec at the NAB Show

Aims to make everyone feel like a pro, "no matter where they go on air or record their voice"

With the NAB Show just around the corner, Radio World is asking exhibitors about their plans and expectations. Kathrin Nimpsch is the marketing manager at Yellowtec.

Radio World: What do you anticipate will be the most significant technology trend that radio professionals should be watching for at the 2022 NAB Show?

Kathrin Nimpsch, marketing manager at Yellowtec

Kathrin Nimpsch: I don’t expect one particular technological development significantly outshining other trends. In my opinion, there will be many workflow optimizations shown that users of all kind will benefit from. It has been a while since the last NAB Show took place. So I expect many, many adjustments that optimize operations on different kind of levels rather than one complete shift within a certain area.

RW: What will be your most important product news or exhibit theme?

Nimpsch: Myself expecting a lot of workflow optimizations on all levels mirrors Yellowtec’s activities. Since the last face-to-face events and shows have taken place, we have intensified our research and development by taking even more time to put ourselves in the shoes of different kind of users. We focused on diving deeper into what diverse groups of users really need to go further.

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RW: If you are introducing a new product or feature, how is it different from what’s available on the market?

Nimpsch: There are going to be a lot of products being launched by Yellowtec at events in the near future. What all of them have in common is that they give any user a way to perform on a high professional level. No matter if their core business is broadcast or if audio is a side effect of their work, e.g. in terms of video calls or online meetings. There will be multiple never seen before solutions packed with features that will allow in fact anyone involved in audio to be on top of their league.

Yellowtec’s iXm Podcaster recording mic, just one of the products currently available for purchase

RW: How has the lack of physical trade shows for the past three years affected your company’s clients or your own business?

Nimpsch: Within the last years, we obviously have noticed a shift from face-to-face gatherings to online business. On the one hand, this gave us the awareness of all the groups of users that go for Yellowtec products. Many people working with audio had to equip themselves with professional audio solutions to work from home. Via the internet, we’ve been happy to show them our professional solutions to do so. On the other hand, we look so much forward to finally show our products in person and to get direct feedback while showing our ideas and the product developments. 

RW: Anything else we should know?

Nimpsch: We took some time to come up with so many ideas that really improve workflows and that will be unique solutions for everyone to act, feel and perform like a true pro, no matter where they go on air or record their voice — even at home! Be it for video calls, podcast recordings or rather traditional broadcast operations — we address audio enthusiasts on all levels with our upcoming products. Stay tuned!


Yellowtec Booth: N4636