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Inovonics Introduces a More Powerful Streaming Monitor

It highlights more processing power and features compared to its predecessor

Inovonics 611 Stream Monitor

Inovonics will show a new monitor for IP streaming and internet radio at the NAB Show.

The Model 611 is a dedicated hardware solution for uninterrupted monitoring of network streaming audio.

“Streaming audio over IP networks has progressed in recent years, and the new 611 is designed to meet the technological challenges of today with greater processing power and advanced functionality,” the company said.

The box has balanced analog and AES-digital outputs and self-logging alarms for audio loss, stream loss and internet loss. It can be managed remotely from any Web-enabled device and SNMP manager.

The 611 supports HTTPS streams and streaming formats HLS along with Icecast/Shoutcast. It has a Stream Failover function to automatically switch to backup streams, and StreamRotation to rotate through up to 30 preset streams.

Beta units are with users. Production units begin shipping in June. At NAB the company will be in Booth W2535.

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