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Orban to Show Its New Optimod at NAB

Also, Bob Orban will be back at the NAB Show with a demo of AM power savings

Orban Optimod 5950 processor front panel, a single-rack-unit box


Orban Labs has provided a look at its plans for the NAB Show.

The company will show the new Optimod 5950, which uses a new hardware processing platform and which President David Day described as Orban’s “first ‘clean sheet of paper’ processor since the 8400.” It is slated to begin shipping this summer, and it uses an architecture called the Orban New Platform, or ONP.

Features include six processing structures; intelligent two-band window-gated AGC controls; onboard RDS/RBDS generator; and AES67/SMPTE ST-2110 network interfaces, including Dante and Livewire+ compatibility.

It provides remote control and monitoring via HTML5 web browser or via IP streaming; support for SNMP V2 and Ember+ protocols; and factory presets including Orban’s “Less-More” controls.

It also provides internal storage for audio backup including an internet streaming decoder for audio received via AoIP; diversity delay to ensure time alignment of the FM and HD Radio/DAB+ signals; a “true peak” limiter; ITU BS.412 Multiplex power control; silence detection; and dual-redundant power supplies.

Options include internal Nielsen or Kantar encoding and an optional µMPX interface.

Also, Bob Orban will attend the spring show for the first time since the pandemic began. He’ll conduct live AM power savings demonstrations using WEPN in New York City.

“In cooperation with DNAV, Bob will be remotely logged into the WEPN Nautel NX50 transmitter to show its 77% power savings by using XPN-AM and running MDCL at 6 dB AMC,” the company said. It quoted Orban President David Day saying customers running XPN-AM processing and MDCL that supports 6 dB AMC can increase from 3 dB AMC to 6 dB AMC with little impact on fringe coverage. “These significant savings in power bills can pay for the cost of a new transmitter in 3 or 4 years.”

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And Orban Labs will use a 5G LTE “last mile” solution to provide content for its FM processing demonstration. Audacy’s WCBS and WNEW in New York City will provide live, unprocessed audio via Verizon 5G LTE to the Orban booth, W2543.