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Simmons to Provide Consumer Behavior Data to Sirius

Simmons to Provide Consumer Behavior Data to Sirius

Satellite radio is becoming more mainstream according to consumer behavior specialist Simmons, which has just closed a deal with Sirius Satellite Radio. Simmons compiles data on consumer product purchase, shopping and media usage behavior, as well as demographic, psychographic, lifestyle and attitudinal descriptions.
Both companies hope such information will help Sirius grow its subscriber base.
According to Simmons, its Spring 2004 combined Hispanic and National Consumer Surveys reveal more than 3 million adults 18 and older subscribe to satellite radio and more than 5.5 million plan to subscribe in the next 12 months. In the study, Simmons examines the demographics of consumers who plan to subscribe to satellite radio in the year and finds that men are 9% more likely than the average consumer to plan to subscribe; potential subscribers are 30% more likely to be age 25-34; they are 38% more likely to be single and the mean household income of adults planning to subscribe to satellite radio is $74,066, which is 7% above the national average.