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Sirius Begins Rollout

Sirius Begins Rollout

There are now two competitors in the satellite radio market.
Sirius Satellite Radio, like its counterpart XM Satellite Radio has done, is launching its product gradually with a phased-in product rollout. Consumers can now buy Sirius hardware in four initial rollout markets: Phoenix, Houston, Denver and Jackson, Miss.
At regional retailer Cowboy Maloney’s store in Jackson, about 1,000 people lined up to hear the service, said Johnny Maloney.
The launch kicked off with a country western concert the night before with Randy Travis, Earl Scruggs, Tom T. Hall and others singing. Travis stopped by the Cowboy Maloney’s in Jackson to sign autographs for the launch.
Sirius President/CEO Joe Clayton said manufacturing partners Clarion, Jensen, Kenwood and Panasonic would have a combined total of 10,000 to 15,000 units for sale in the next couple of weeks. Sirius radios are available at 200 storefronts including national retailers Circuit City and Best Buy, regional retailers Cowboy Maloney’s, Tweeter, Ultimate and the Crutchfield catalog.
Sirius is offering equipment rebates in the rollout markets to test price sensitivity, such as a $50 rebate in Denver and 3 months free for a year’s subscription in Phoenix.
Sirius launched hoped to sell 25 to 50 Sirius radios in one Jackson, Miss. store by the end of the day.
Sirius plans to expand the rollout throughout the south and then work its way north, with radios available nationwide by Aug. 1.