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Sirius FM-5 Enters Service

Satcaster says new bird increases power and delivers improved reception

The first geostationary satellite in the Sirius fleet, Sirius FM-5, is operational.

The satcaster says it is more powerful than previous satellites and provides more focused power in heavily populated areas and significantly improved reception, especially for those driving under heavy foliage.

Space Systems/Loral manufactured Sirius FM-5, which was launched June 30 from Kazakhstan aboard a Proton rocket from International Launch Services.

The FM-5 joins Sirius’ three other satellites, which operate in highly elliptical inclined orbits. The FM-5’s location in a geostationary orbit position over North America assures that home receivers can aim at a fixed point in the southern sky to receive a signal on a constant basis, according to Sirius XM.

The new satellite is for the Sirius constellation only; XM uses geostationary satellites.