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Sirius Has Logitek Package; Implements Delay

Sirius Has Logitek Package; Implements Delay

Logitek said it recently sold a package of equipment to Sirius Satellite Network in New York, including four Logitek Audio Engines with a combination of analog and digital I/O cards and three Remora consoles.
“What makes the purchase interesting is their use of the ‘SharcAttack’ multi-DSP card – they purchased five of these cards – for delay purposes,” said the supplier’s Elaine Jones. “They are using the Logitek-created delay system for their fall football madness, NCAA and pro football weekend games.”
Logitek supplied SharcAttacks with extended delay so that Sirius can provide six stereo 10-second delayed streams from each card.
“This allows for multiple feeds for their various sports channels,” Jones said. Company President Tag Borland created a software interface for controlling the delays.
Jones said the system is affordable; SharcAttack cards cost $3,200 each, which she said makes each 10-second stereo delay available at a cost of around $533 each.
“Of course, a Logitek Audio Engine is required in order to use the SharcAttack-based delay; but since many facilities need to buy external delays for existing router/console systems, it’s a valid price.”