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Sirius Ponders Money Issues Over iPod Deal

Sirius Ponders Money Issues Over iPod Deal

Sirius President/CEO Mel Karmazin told investors this week the company would be interested in snagging another top air personality, such as Don Imus, but only if that would help the satcaster reach a break-even point in cash-flow faster, reported CBS MarketWatch.
As RW has reported, the company currently expects to reach profitability in 2007.
Karmazin was asked about Imus at the annual shareholder’s meeting for Sirius.
The company is still discussing what to do with its fourth satellite – whether to leave it on the ground as a spare or launch it as a backup to the birds already in orbit. Karmazin said Sirius has enough cash to launch without changing its business plan, according to the report.
As far as discussions with Apple to include Sirius on the iPod, previously reported here, Karmazin told investors at issue is whether such a deal would cut into existing Sirius listenership and how much of its $12.95 monthly fee it would need to share with a manufacturer.