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Sirius Tries Different Prices

Sirius Tries Different Prices

Sirius is trying several marketing concepts to spark interest in its product.
It will test different subscription rates in different markets in its initial rollout, to see what the market will bear. Some cities will see a $9.95 monthly subscription rate, while others will see $12.95. The company will also advertise free trial subscriptions with factory rebates on radios in some markets.
“We are not married to one approach,” said Sirius President/CEO Joe Clayton. “We will be flexible and creative to get products to consumers.”
When asked if the company is considering a “family plan,” offering discounts to subscribers who have more than one Sirius receiver in the household, Clayton said that concept would be studied.
Sirius is also planning a mobile listening tour to accompany product rollout. The “Rhythm of the Road” tour will feature a giant 65-foot Ferris wheel equipped with eight Sirius-ready theme cars for consumers to ride in and listen to the service. For those who want to stay on the ground, two stationary tractor-trailers open up into listening kiosks, a stage for local musicians and a DJ booth.
Sirius’ plans were discussed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. That’s also where the company showed off its live mascot, a West Highland Terrier named “Sirius” whose name plays off what “Sirius” means in Greek mythology: the Dog Star.