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Sony Oxford EQs Available for PowerCore

Sony Oxford EQs Available for PowerCore

TC Works and Sony Oxford have released Sony Oxford EQs for PowerCore to meet demand for a VST- and MAS-compatible version of the plug-ins for the Digidesign Pro Tools platform.
Features include five-band parametric design; selectable shelf settings on low-frequency and high-frequency sections; four selectable EQ types; and support for sample rates up to and including 96 kHz.
System requirements: Compatible TC Works-approved Apple Macintosh or Windows hardware configuration; VST- or MAS-compliant host application; one or more TC Works PowerCore cards with driver version 1.6 or higher.
The Sony Oxford EQs plug-ins are available from Price: $470.00 (GBP 350; Euro 550) introductory price until the end of June; then $490.00 (GBP 300; Euro 500).
For more information about the PowerCore plug-ins contact Doug Stanny, marketing manager at TC Electronic in California at (805) 373-1828; e-mail [email protected]; or visit on the World Wide Web.