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Sound Ideas Adds People, Wind FX Libraries

Need a howling blizzard? A baby crying? A zombie?

Sound FX library specialist Sound Ideas has added to its available collections with packages filed with people effect and wind effects.

“Voice Kit Sound Effects” has 18,000 effects featuring babies, children, teens, adults and seniors according to a release. It adds that it also includes, “vocal Foley (laughs, coughs, burps, gasps, groans, grunts, screams, yells, yawns, sighs) from all the voice artists, offering a total of 850 adult vocal Foley effects and 209 baby and child vocal Foley effects.” Specialty voices include: “auctioneers, broadcasters, dispatchers, monsters, aliens, munchkins, opera divas and zombies.”

It is available as a three-DVD collection with 24-bit/96 kHz WAV files or downloadable with 24/96 versions along with 16-bit 48 kHz and 16-bit/44.1 kHz WAV files.

“Wind Sound Effects” is a two-DVD collection of 200 24-bit/96 kHz files, that are also available as 24/96 versions along with 16-bit 48 kHz and 16-bit/44.1 kHz WAV files. Each cut is two minutes.

A release says that effects are of “variety of different strengths and kinds of wind are included: light, low, medium, heavy, whistling, whipping and gusting winds. Featured in the collection are both urban and rural settings, broken branches and blowing debris, hurricane strength disasters, eerie howling canyon winds, bitter cold arctic blasts and some gentle breezes.”

Effects in both collections are royalty-free.