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Stern Reportedly Wants Early Exit From Infinity

Stern Reportedly Wants Early Exit From Infinity

Howard Stern wants to leave Infinity sooner rather than later to go to his new home in satellite radio. The New York Post reports that Howard told listeners on his show earlier this week, “Viacom is trying to get Sirius (Satellite Radio) to pay off my contract and then I would leave early ’cause Sirius is anxious to get the show started.”
The Wall Street Journal reports that Stern is “infuriated” with Infinity because it withdrew financial support of Sterns lawsuit against Clear Channel. When the radio group dropped Stern from six markets earlier this year. That happened when Clear Channel rolled out its “zero-tolerance” policy for indecency as the FCC escalated its penalties for broadcasters that violated indecency policies.
The Journal quotes “people close to Infinity” as saying the company no longer felt comfortable backing Stern in his legal battle because he was “secretly negotiating with Sirius while enlisting support of Infinity’s legal team.”
RW Online reported on the joint Stern-Infinity $10 million lawsuit for breach-of-contract in June and the subsequent $3 million counter-suit from Clear Channel in July.
At the NAB Radio Show in October, Stern announced he was going to Sirius in 2006.