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Streams, HD2s Gain Seat at Bigger Advertising Table

Donovan Data Systems automates media buying with unique calls

Responding to increased audience interest in streaming and HD Radio, Donovan Data Systems, an advertising technology company, is automating its spot media-buying system so that agencies can more easily evaluate and buy airtime on streams and HD Radio stations.

Donovan Data Systems said with help from the Radio Advertising Bureau, radio rep firms Katz Media Group and MFS, as well as media sales software provider STRATA, it has implemented a call letter format for identifying HD multicast and streaming radio stations.

That means agencies can now see Arbitron ratings for streams and HD stations. Advertising proposals, orders and invoices for these stations can be processed just like they are for AM and FM stations, says DDS.

The announcement comes as HD Radio multicast stations are showing up in Arbitron ratings because many of those multicast stations are rebroadcast on analog FM translators.

DDS chief media strategist Harvey Kent said that as streaming and HD signals garner more listeners, agency budgets will increase for these stations.

DDS cited satisfied customer Clay Frenzel, Broadcast Investor at Omnicom Media Group, who said the new call letter structure looks easy to follow and would change the way he purchases HD and streaming radio spots. “I know that my HD and streaming stations in Kansas City will be pleased to know that I am able to see the ratings and purchase their stations moving forward.”