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Studer Unveils Compact 2500

Studer is offering 12-, 18- and 24-fader console configurations.

Studer has launched a new on-air console, the OnAir 2500.

The digital, self-contained OnAir 2500 system uses software technology derived from the OnAir 3000 and advances concepts implemented in the OnAir 2000.

The chassis of the OnAir 2500 encloses the control surface, I/O breakout, DSP core and power supply. Studer is offering 12-, 18- and 24-fader console configurations; motorized channel faders are available as an option.

Each fader strip has a graphic OLED screen with a channel label, level and gain reduction meter and parameter readouts, adjustable via a rotary encoder and two push buttons below the display.

The 12-inch TFT touchscreen of the OnAir 2500 uses the Touch‘n’Action system and can display the relevant settings and configurations for each channel in addition to the OLED displays.

Eight small channel pushbuttons — EQ, dynamics, aux send, for example — immediately open the corresponding page on the main screen, allowing for quick adjustment.

In addition to interfaces on XLR and Sub-D connections, the internal audio system offers interfaces to digital multichannel formats such as MADI, ADAT and IEEE 1394 FireWire.