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Switchcraft Offers Audio/Video Patchbay

Switchcraft Offers Audio/Video Patchbay

Switchcraft’s MBPK series combines audio and video in one patchbay, consisting of 16 midsize video jacks and 48 bantam TT jacks. Using a 19-inch 1 RU patch panel, the patchbay is suitable for analog and digital installations and features 75-ohm terminated or non-terminated video jacks. The bantam TT jacks have T, R, S, TN and RN solder terminals. Audio jacks have nickel-plated steel frames, gold-plated crossbar switching contacts and flared terminals for soldering.
Additionally, the company offers the VAP patchbay series, which also combines audio and video in one unit. Standard versions consist of 13 video jacks and 26 long-frame audio jacks. Like the MBPK series, the audio jacks have nickel-plated steel frames and gold-plated switching contacts, and are T, R, S, TN and RN.

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