Taglists Creates Multimedia Playlists

Another free app plots to steal the attention of radio listeners
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These days there’s rarely a week without some new smartphone app coming along begging for the attention of radio listeners, though not in a traditional broadcast method.

One of the latest is the Eyecon Eye-C Taglists, available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

The free app aims to create multimedia playlists from far-flung media such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Picasa, Facebook, personal computers, etc. The lists are postable and sharable and can be added to by others, creating a dynamic and changing playlist — kind of like what a radio station does.

Using Apple’s Airplay or DLNA, Eye-C Taglists can also be played on certain televisions, tablet computers, set top boxes and speakers.

BTW, the company’s logo looks like a baby cyclopean hatchling of Looney Tunes’ Gossamer creature.