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TC Works Sets A Spark! Under Synth

TC Works Sets A Spark! Under Synth

TC Works announces Spark Modular, a modular virtual analog synthesizer for Spark!
Spark Modular can be used integrated within the real-time digital audio editor application Spark! or as a stand-alone VST instrument within any Macintosh application supporting VST instruments.
The Fxmachine’s open-ended design allows users to design a synthesizer with the included TC-O oscillator, TC-F filter and TC-A amplifier modules. Users decide how many oscillators, filters or amplifiers are needed and in which order to arrange each part.
Additionally, Spark Modular comes with its own 16-step sequencer plug-in, TCSEQ, allowing users to recreate monophonic sequencing lines. The TCO monophonic dual oscillator module supplies users with classic waveforms, offers Pulse Width Modulation, an additional Sub-Oscillator, Oscillator Sync, Ring Modulation and an integrated LFO.
The TCF Filter module provides users with a 12, 18 or 24 dB low pass filter with resonance, an additional hi pass filter with an envelope, envelope follower, single and multitrigger. The TCA Amplifier module offers an ADSR curve and more “drive,” which allows for analog sounding drive employing TC Works’ SoftSat circuit.
b. m. cox