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Tennessee Broadcasters Recognize Roy Stewart

Media Bureau official is praised for his involvement

At a winter conference held in Murfreesboro, the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters recognized Roy Stewart of the Federal Communications Commission for his tenure in helping broadcasters’ meet their community needs and working through tough issues.

TAB President Whit Adamson called Stewart “a dedicated public servant and a true friend to broadcasters.” Starting at the commission in 1965, Stewart is senior deputy bureau chief of the Media Bureau. He praised Stewart for making time to visit state broadcast association meetings.

Cromwell Group owner Bud Walters said “Roy Stewart will tell broadcasters what they need to know about the way that our Washington policymakers think. And he will tell the policymakers how a proposed regulation will work in the real world.”

Paul Tinkle, president of Thunderbolt Broadcasting and a past TAB chairman, presented Stewart with a plaque for his dedication.